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Citizen Grand Classic (Generic Box) Second Chance

Did you snag a deal from the HUISABH thread, but now have second thoughts? Offer it to other members here.
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Citizen Grand Classic (Generic Box) Second Chance


Post by flypanam » Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:57 pm

Perdendosi wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:04 pm
IMO anyone who can get the Grand Classic for less than $400 should. I bought it on a lark. I can't get it off my wrist for the workday. It's amazingly well finished, with an awesome bracelet, great dial detail, lovely case finishing, and highly decorated movement. I'm shocked that it's 42mm -- it certainly doesn't wear that way at all.
If anyone is interested, I'm about to return my Grand Classic to Macy's. It's a store display and/or customer return. I'm pissed that Macys sold this as a "new" watch, but for the price even I'll begrudgingly admit that it's still a steal. The collector / completionist / OCD sufferer in me just doesn't jive well with the generic eco drive box or the fact that this is a clearly used watch that was sold to me as new (twice). It's more of a principle thing. I have until Jan 19 to return it, but if anyone else wants it, I'd rather it go to one of you guys, rather than back to Macys so they can scam someone else into purchasing it as a "new" watch.

There's some minor wear (and I believe any wear is too much wear to be sold as new). It's only noticeable for watch freaks like us, though, and mostly on the bracelet. The only wear on the case is a scuff on the polished part of the fixed bezel. I'll be honest, it was nearly impossible to get the scuff to come out right in pictures, which is why the picture quality sucks... but on the other hand it kind of shows that the scuff is barely noticeable in all but the the right lighting and at the correct angle. The back of the watch has no scuffs, but it has some... buildup.. which is clearly skin slough/oil from having been on other people's skin before my purchase. If someone wants to buy the watch, I would clean it and then use some jewelry cloths to polish it all up. If I'm returning it anyway, I wasn't gonna bother.

Anyone else that wants it - it's up for grabs for what I paid + cost to ship from me to you (+ any fees associated with whatever transaction method we use). I think after tax it was around $370, likely a little less, but I will obviously provide proof and the actual receipt/confirmation.

Here's some pics, including the best I could capture the scuff. Ill also posted this in the general heads up thread. Like I said, the return is due 1/19, so it won't be around long. Also I threw it on a leather strap for just these pictures because I didn't wanna mess with sizing the bracelet at all to get a decent wrist shot.



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