Bazaar Item Wanted Rules

Watches and watch accessory wanted listings by members.
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Bazaar Item Wanted Rules


Post by ManOnTime » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:42 am

1. Be careful! Vet your transaction! Ask for references. Remember, you are buying and selling at your own risk.
2. Listings limited to watches and watch accessories.
3. Offers and negotiations must take place via the private message system.
4. Posts in a listing by members other than the listing creator will be removed.
5. Each item must have its own listing.
6. Buyer and seller must work out between themselves method of payment and shipping logistics.
7. Listing my be bumped once per twelve (12) hours.
8. Any listing that does not adhere to the above will be removed.

MoT's Watch Deal Forum is not responsible for the content of any listed want ads. Rules may be amended at any time.