Heads up: Watch strap shop site, WACCEX

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Heads up: Watch strap shop site, WACCEX


Post by norsairius » Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:37 pm

WACCEX may be known to others as bob_watch_bands on eBay, as that's where I first came to know them anyway, but they changed to WACCEX at some point. I thought I'd share that I got an email that they've opened up their own website so you can order from them directly instead of via eBay: https://waccex.de/en/

I've ordered a few of WACCEX's "in-house" watch straps before and really liked them and will likely order more. They are based in Germany, but ship worldwide for free.

Note: I am NOT affiliated with WACCEX in any way except that I've been a happy customer of theirs in the past. I am not receiving any compensation (monetary or otherwise) for creating this forum post.
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