Captain Orange & Black

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Captain Orange & Black


Post by TheJohnP » Fri Feb 04, 2022 9:12 pm

In honor of the year of the Tiger, and the Cincinnati Bengals' season, @CincinnatiWatchCo is introducing:

The Limited Edition "Captain Orange & Black"
Time Hill Collection Captain Orange & Black watch orange dial black hands metal bracelet limited edition

$290, plus applicable tax and shipping

Pre-order deposits open Tuesday, February 8, 2022.


As Cincinnatians, we have endured decades of poor pro level football. Heartache after heartache of backing a team that had real potential, sometimes no potential, but many years of having real potential and still finding a way to lose. Potential not achieved for DECADES, DECADES, & DECADES.

This Years SuperHero Tiger Pack has Taken the Game We Love to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
Win or lose in the “big game” this is a season to remember!

What kind of local watch company would we be if we didn’t honor this?!!!

Thank You Captain's of the Home Team!


Commemorate this incredible season with a limited edition orange and black Captain! (Orange dial, black print, black hands, all other specifications the same as the current Captain).

We will have to make these new dials and hands, so we are looking at 3-4 months before they will be done. We don’t know how many to make, we will make as many as you want; so to secure yours we will take a $35 deposit, then invoice you the remaining balance when the watch ships in 3-4 months.

P.S. If you do place a pre-order deposit, we will keep you updated on the progress via email.

We will donate a portion of each sale to the "Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund".
In fact, pre-order a watch or not, we recommend helping out the cause here: ... joeburrow/

Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund

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