April 2023 HUISABH! Thread Stats

Find all the monthly stats from deals posted in the "HUISABH" thread right here.
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April 2023 HUISABH! Thread Stats


Post by MoT » Thu May 04, 2023 10:08 am

March 2023 Stats: I Need A New Red Pen Edition


Well, what can I say? After a very strong January through March, the steam was bound to run low, and it certainly did in April. Red across the board, but it's honestly not that unusual. With spring and the post-holidays lull we've seen this repeatedly.

@CVP33 took top deal poster for the third month in a row! He's now the second-most consecutive holder of the top position, behind none other than @TheJohnP with like a bazillion months at the top. :lol: Only 9 spots out of 10 for Top Ten Members. Come on you lurkers, I know you're out there! Just posting one deal would have gotten your name on the list!

Special shout-out to @TRANCE1, a new member who got on the board with three deals. Thank you!

Let's see what May brings, hopefully, a return to being in the black!

On to the numbers!

(As always, if there is a particular brand, site or other pieces of data you'd like, let me know and I can provide it.)

Let's remember a few things first:
  • I based these calculations on new and refurbished watches only.
  • I do not include watch accessories or used/open box watches.
  • I only included deals with links.
  • The retail price used was either the retail price listed on the selling website or found on the manufacturer's site.
  • Currency, if not in USD was converted to USD using Google's currency exchange calculator as close to the date the deal was posted as possible.
  • "Largest" and "Smallest" deal is based solely on the percentage savings from listed retail. I do not make subjective determinations on the brand's perceived value. That is up to you, the reader.

April 2023 Statistics

Number of Deals: 153 (-50)
Number of Brands: 50 (-10)
Brand With Most Deals: Casio - 32
Number of Retailers: 58 (-2)
Retailer with most deals: Amazon - 21
Members posting Deals: 27 (-4)
Most deals posted by: @CVP33 - 48
Total of Deal Price: $59,355.64 (-$8,482.54)
Total of Retail Price: $144,221.43 (-$25,033.29)
Difference: $84,865.79 (-$31,703.22)
Average Savings: 58.84% (-1.08%)
Largest Deal: Invicta Pro Diver 35688. $64.98/$795 (91.83%) posted by @ayem-bee https://amzn.to/3nrlqe2
Largest Deal Runner Up: SeaPro Meridian World Timer GMT SP7131. $$129.99/$1,295 (89.96%) posted by @BillionaireDoors https://bit.ly/42bmnpz
Smallest Deal: Seiko 5 Sports Limited Edition SRPJ75K1. $400.40/$410.40 (2.44%) posted by @CVP33 https://bit.ly/3LpTsYm
Smallest Deal Runner Up: Alexander James A4 Legacy 37 GMT White Snowflake. $300/$325 (7.69%) posted by @TheJohnP https://bit.ly/42eOzbo

March 2023 Statistics

Number of Deals: 203 (+22)
Number of Brands: 60 (-17)
Brand With Most Deals: Casio - 49
Number of Retailers: 60 (-14)
Retailer with most deals: eBay - 38
Members posting Deals: 31 (+2)
Most deals posted by: @CVP33 - 58
Total of Deal Price: $67,838.18 (-$11,092.71)
Total of Retail Price: $169,254.72 (-$26,245.18)
Difference: $116,569.01 (-$15,152.47)
Average Savings: 59.92% (+0.29%)
Largest Deal: Invicta Pro Diver 38421. $35.47/$595 (94.04%) posted by @BostonCharlie https://bit.ly/3INGd2e
Largest Deal Runner Up: Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB. $71.40/$795 (91.02%) posted by @nicegator https://amzn.to/3U0oaep
Smallest Deal: Sternglas Asthet Edition Lumare. $579/$599 (3.34%) posted by @TheJohnP https://bit.ly/3Ma4m6k
Smallest Deal Runner Up: Arpiem Ride & Drive. $486.27/$507.49 (4.18%) posted by @CVP33 https://bit.ly/3zjHud9

Top Ten Nine Members for April 2023

@CVP33 - 48
@BostonCharlie - 18
@TheJohnP - 14
@BillionaireDoors, @nicegator - 11
@The Sultan of SoWhat - 10
@Dorothyparker, @Rocat - 4
@MoT, @Spirit of the Watch, @TRANCE1, @caktaylor, @johnmichael - 3
@AndyS, @Miggyd87, @Penfold36, @ayem-bee, @TimePeace,, - 2
@AceRimmer, @Halaku, @Recht, @dumberdrummer, @isotope, @kl884347, @recapt, @whoagorgeous- 1

Top Ten Brands for April 2023


Top Ten Retailers for April 2023


Historical Stats can be found at this link!
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