May 2023 HUISABH! Thread Stats

Find all the monthly stats from deals posted in the "HUISABH" thread right here.
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May 2023 HUISABH! Thread Stats

Post by MoT »

Here is a condensed, CliffsNotes version of May 2023 Stats.

A whole mess of green this month, which is nice to see. Just ignore the percentage savings. :shock:

@TheJohnP regains the posting crown with 33, and @BostonCharlie takes second place with 27. @CVP33 slips to third with 26. The rest of the Top Ten:

4. @The Sultan of SoWhat - 16
5. @MoT - 12
6. @nicegator - 11
7. @BillionaireDoors - 7
8. @caktaylor - 6
9. @JMD1082, @Klaatu3 - 4
10. @Penfold36, @Sussa, @whoagorgeous - 3


Expect the same kind of stats thread for June as I am so far behind. My apologies.

(As always, if there is a particular brand, site or other pieces of data you'd like, let me know and I can provide it.)

Let's remember a few things first:
  • I based these calculations on new and refurbished watches only.
  • I do not include watch accessories or used/open box watches.
  • I only included deals with links.
  • The retail price used was either the retail price listed on the selling website or found on the manufacturer's site.
  • Currency, if not in USD was converted to USD using Google's currency exchange calculator as close to the date the deal was posted as possible.
  • "Largest" and "Smallest" deal is based solely on the percentage savings from listed retail. I do not make subjective determinations on the brand's perceived value. That is up to you, the reader.

May 2023 Statistics

Number of Deals: 182 (+29)
Number of Brands: 62 (+12)
Brand With Most Deals: Timex - 15
Number of Retailers: 62 (+5)
Retailer with most deals: eBay - 28
Members posting Deals: 33 (+6)
Most deals posted by: @TheJohnP - 33
Total of Deal Price: $112,540.54 (+$53,184.90)
Total of Retail Price: $218,639.16 (+$74,417.73)
Difference: $106,098.62 (+$21,232.83)
Average Savings: 48.53% (-10.31%)
Largest Deal: Thomas Earnshaw Longitude ES-8106-22. $40.50/$290 (86.03%) posted by @BostonCharlie
Largest Deal Runner Up: Thomas Earnshaw Echelon ES-8812-11. $$139.99/$1,000 (86.00%) posted by @BostonCharlie
Smallest Deal: Sternglas Asthet Lumar Premium Black. $579/$599 (3.34%) posted by @TheJohnP ... mium-black
Smallest Deal Runner Up: Henry Archer Nordso Neon II 316 Moon Grey. $468/$515 (9.13%) posted by @CVP33

April 2023 Statistics

Number of Deals: 153 (-50)
Number of Brands: 50 (-10)
Brand With Most Deals: Casio - 32
Number of Retailers: 58 (-2)
Retailer with most deals: Amazon - 21
Members posting Deals: 27 (-4)
Most deals posted by: @CVP33 - 48
Total of Deal Price: $59,355.64 (-$8,482.54)
Total of Retail Price: $144,221.43 (-$25,033.29)
Difference: $84,865.79 (-$31,703.22)
Average Savings: 58.84% (-1.08%)
Largest Deal: Invicta Pro Diver 35688. $64.98/$795 (91.83%) posted by @ayem-bee
Largest Deal Runner Up: SeaPro Meridian World Timer GMT SP7131. $$129.99/$1,295 (89.96%) posted by @BillionaireDoors
Smallest Deal: Seiko 5 Sports Limited Edition SRPJ75K1. $400.40/$410.40 (2.44%) posted by @CVP33
Smallest Deal Runner Up: Alexander James A4 Legacy 37 GMT White Snowflake. $300/$325 (7.69%) posted by @TheJohnP
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Re: May 2023 HUISABH! Thread Stats

Post by TheJohnP »

Thanks as always for crunching the numbers.

And as always, my favorite stat:

Members posting Deals: 33 (+6)
These users thanked the author TheJohnP for the post (total 4):
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